The brewery has been a landmark in Lewes, the county town of East Sussex, for over 200 years.

Next Generation

In the 1980s Eric Rundle’s daughters Audrey, Eileen and Joan took seats on the Harvey’s Brewery Board and Anthony Jenner’s son Miles joined the brewing room, after learning his craft at Greene King. A year later Hamish Elder (son of Audrey and a seventh generation descendant of John Harvey) joined the firm from Independent Distillers and Vintners and his cousin Adele Smith (daughter of Joan) also spent some years with the company running the Pub Estate. Adele Smith and Julia Prescott (sister of Hamish, daughter of Audrey) now sit on the company’s Board of Directors.

Hamish Elder is now the Harvey’s Brewery Chairman. He is also Joint Managing Director with Miles Jenner, the Head Brewer. And so from John Harvey’s unusual joint venture with Thomas Wood two centuries ago through to the current joint Managing Directorship of Hamish Elder and Miles Jenner, the principles of shared administration have applied successfully within the firm.

and the next…

There are 11 eighth generation descendants separated in ages by 23 years, two of whom currently work at the Brewery; Zoë Prescott in our Managed Houses department, and Peter Nicholas as an Area Sales Manager.

Additionally there 3 ninth generation descendants (under the age of five) which provides plenty of scope for future partnerships.