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Here come the girls!

Min & Cherry comparing notes

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Cherry and I both work part time in Harveys Lewes shop and are newly qualified to an international wine standard.  Of course we’re furthering our knowledge all the time and very keen to share our thoughts our wines  with our customers.   We want to offer a first class friendly service.   Wines can be bewildering and sometimes intimidating so we want to help our customers make the right choices – whether it’s a party wine for easy drinking or for a special occasion.

Minnie and Cherry’s monthly blog!  This month  – English star buys.

Please join us as we taste our way through Harveys wines!  We’re going to taste two wines each month and give honest straightforward critique.  We want to hear from you as well; customer recommendations – likes and dislikes so do join in this wine forum!

This month:   Cherry’s choice: Court Garden Sparkling wine from Ditchling, East Sussex

Court Garden pours streams of beautiful frothy bubbles into the glass. Classic champagne varieties of pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay and methods produce a pale golden fizz with peachy aromas.  Imagine walking through an orchard.  On the palate are crisp apples harmoniously balanced with subtle refreshing acidity.The label is quintessentially English and there’s a lovely story behind it.  I’d like to live in the quaint cottage on the front. Drink this whilst relaxing in the garden on a perfect English summers day!                         

Minnie’s choice: Nutbourne Special Reserve from Pulborough, West Sussex

A good wine should have the ability to trigger memories.I’m instantly transported to the English countryside.  Hedgerows, golden fields of corn and a picnic under an old oak tree.  An aromatic perfume of elderflower, lemon grapefruit and a hint of something exotic, making your mouth water in anticipation.
On the palate it’s full of fruit and well balanced; a creamy soft texture leaves you wanting more.  A pleasant surprise. Imagine a delightful summer evening sipping this fine example of English wine.  Perfect to share with friends with some light bites.

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  1. ladies – First time I’ve read the wine blog. very good. I agree about Nutbourne. I’d add that compared with world wines at the same price it would be regarded as a bit expensive but by English standards it represents good value.

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