Wild Hop

(Available all year)

Sussex Wild Hop was inspired by the discovery of a previously unknown hop, growing wild in East Sussex. It is a ‘Blonde Beer’. Old and new varieties of hops are combined to create a lingering bitterness and clean citrus flavours. Light in colour, this ‘dry’ refreshing brew is best served slightly chilled. Sussex born and bred, but less restrained than our other ‘well hopped’ beers.

Key Info

Allergy Advice: Contains Barley.
ABV: 3.7%
Tasting Note: A sharp edge of citrus cuts through earthy background flavours.

  • Wild Hop Glass

Cask Ale is also known as cask-conditioned beer or real ale. It’s not pasteurised and is very much alive; the brewer’s yeast is still active – conditioning the beer from a fining bed (or lees) at the bottom of the cask.

This conditioning takes the form of natural carbonation which has a much more subtle stimulation of the taste sensors than artificially added gases used to dispense keg beers from pressurised containers.

Harvey’s Brewery also produce a range of Seasonal Draught Brews – each available for roughly a month. Trade customers should note that due to popular demand, pre-orders are advisable on all Seasonal Draught Brews and to purchase the Armada Ale, IPA, Sussex Mild or Olympia to contact our Lewes shop.

Harvey’s Brewery is best known for the following cask ales produced for the pubs in Southern England.