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Harvey’s ‘Down Under’

Last year, Ross Kenrick (Brew Master at the Australian-based Bacchus Brewing Co) took in our elusive brewery tour as part of his visit to the UK. After a bit of post-tour¬†sampling, Ross cheekily enquired if there was a possibility of Harvey’s sharing our Best Bitter recipe for him to brew something similar back in Australia.

Harvey’s Brewery Head Brewer Miles Jenner said he would consider sharing the recipe but since it contained several proprietary ingredients, including our over-half-a-century-old yeast strain, it wouldn’t be of much use. After some persuasive discussion, Miles said: “Leave it with me, I’ll see what we can do”.

On returning to Australia, Ross kept in touch and Harvey’s agreed to share not only the Best Bitter recipe, but a further three (including our World Beer Award winners Old Ale and Lewes Castle Brown Ale, plus our April seasonal ale Georgian Dragon). Miles also agreed to airfreight all the proprietary ingredients, including our yeast strain, so Bacchus Brewing Co could recreate the beers in Australia.

On Saturday 23rd April (St. George’s Day) Bacchus Brewing Co will be pouring Harvey’s Brewery’s real ales from their hand-pumps. Please visit their Facebook event page for more information.

Those living ‘down under’ – let us know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Harvey’s ‘Down Under’

  1. Us Down Under are very grateful that you have allowed. I’m going to Bacchus on Saturday and can’t wait to try your beers brewed by the cheeky Ross. It’s going to be a great day out.

  2. I am really looking forward to this event – I have lived in Brisbane for 25 years since moving from the UK, and in that time the availability of good quality English Ales here has slowly been improving, but they are still hard to find. I am very much hoping that this will become an annual event.

    When I first arrived in Brisbane, all you could get here was the big name adjunct lagers like Castlemaine XXXX, so if you wanted real ale, you had to brew your own; Now thanks to Bacchus Brewing, we can enjoy great beer without the hard work – and next door to Bacchus is Ross’s other business, CraftBrewer (, where those of us who brew our own can get quality ingredients and all the equipment we might need.

    Thank you so much to Harvey’s for giving us this great opportunity to taste the best of British ales!

  3. Getting ready to head on over to experience these fine brews on St George’s Day! Thanks Harvey’s and Bacchus for the opportunity to taste these!

  4. I’m sitting at Bacchus enjoying the beers I remember from my Brighton days. All the Harveys beers are now sold out proving we Aussies do know a good beer. Thanks to Harveys for sharing and thanks to Ross Kendrick for bringing us an authentic brew. Love your work! Please do these again.

  5. WOW! What a great day that was; the atmosphere was superb, the food was superb, and the Harvey’s beers were out of this world (or at least out of this continent).

    Here’s hoping that this can become an annual St George’s Day event!

  6. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad – given that it is now August and I have only just found out about this! Here’s hoping they do it again in 2017.

    1. I contacted Bacchus – they are doing it again on the Queen’s birthday long weekend (first w/e of October)

      1. Great news Steve!

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