Harvey’s Brewery are delighted to announce the arrival of Tin Lizzie, the newest addition to our ever popular can range.

Limited to just 5000 cans, Tin Lizzie is based on the iconic Elizabethan Ale, a firm favorite amongst connoisseurs that has been in production at Harvey’s for over 65 years.


Tin Lizzie delivers a full, malty palate, and a satisfying warmth, strongly reminiscent of barley wines brewed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

We are confident that this excellent tasting beer combined with its stunning design, executed by local artist Malcolm Trollope-Davis, will prove a hit amongst fans of the original and those new to the distinctive qualities that has driven the Elizabethan Ale for all these years.

The strength of Tin Lizzie’s character, and strength of the beer at 7.5% abv, perfectly sum up the Harvey’s strapline: ‘We wunt be druv’. This latest incarnation has arguably never tasted better and we cannot wait for you to try a can or two!