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Minnie’s Easter local wine choice

Rioja is the classic choice when it comes to roast lamb but for something different I thought I’d try to find an English wine to complement the lamb. SBiddenden Dornfeldero I’m choosing the Biddenden Dornfelder red. A Germanic grape that grows very successfully in the South of England.

This is a clean and crisp crimson red that looks bright and inviting in the glass. Easy going and full of English charm. Simple, but simple done well.  On the palate there are soft red summer fruits with a hint of mint. It triggers memories of strawberry picking on warm summer days. Light, fresh and perfect for lunch with friends.  Unusually for a red wine, it’s actually best served slightly chilled.

I tried this with two lamb dishes; a roast lamb and a grilled lamb’s liver on a warm salad. The Dornfelder complements both the dishes perfectly. Great tasting food, great wine and supporting local producers. Per-Fick!

100% Dornfelder

11.5% A.B.V.

Retail £10.50

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