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Robin’s Brunette Winter Granita!

Harveys are pleased to announce the return of a much loved tradition; Robin’s recipes. Each month (hopefully) Harveys Head Chef Robin will bring you a recipe to accompany our current seasonal brew.

After months of waiting the Harveys Old ale is now available to warm your cockles through the chilly winter months.

But as every silver lining requires a cloud… the sad news as from today is that Miss Zoe Prescott, 8th generation Harveys and Webgirl, is leaving us for pastures new.

Not to worry, I have created this recipe especially for her, as it contains Old Ale, sugar and espresso. It is sweet, nutty and something to get one’s pulse racing!

The recipe:


1 cup Harveys Old Ale
1 cup brown sugar (of your choice)
1 small cup black espresso coffee

Serve a couple spoonfuls with good vanilla ice cream or on top of autumn fruits and Greek yoghurt.


Heat the old and sugar in a saucepan until dissolved

Add the espresso stir and simmer for 1 minute, cool

Pour into a plastic container, an old Chinese take away or margarine pot is ideal

Freeze.. its that simple!

Close your eyes and dream about all those wonderful brunettes in your life – past, present and future!

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Prefer blonde?? Do not worry, there is a similar cracking blonde recipe coming soon.

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