From solar panels to locally-sourced produce, we aim to do our bit to create a sustainable environment.

Helping The Environment

Green Credentials

  • The use of locally grown hops and barley
  • The ground extraction of our spring water
  • The tower brewery configuration maximising gravity, minimising pumping

Even more important…

  • The return to local agriculture of all by-products, such as spent hops for mulch fertiliser or spent grains as cattle feed.
  • Energy saving devices such as our heat exchanging paraflows which minimise the boiling of water from cold for mashing.
  • Harvey’s Brewery Depot is run on 544 roof solar panels. The panels generate an estimated 92,000kWhs of electricity a year, with any surplus feeding back into the local grid.

Most relevant to our Carbon Footprint…

  • Harvey’s returnable packaging: both casks and bottles are returned to the brewery for washing and reuse.
  • Short range supply: 80% of Harvey’s Brewery beer is consumed no more than 50 miles from Lewes. We have turned away trade if it’s too far away.