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Introducing Harvey's Pilsner

Harvey’s is delighted to announce the launch of its Pilsner; a balanced, refreshing and distinctly moreish beer that showcases continental hops alongside local brewing innovation. The introduction of the Pilsner presents a range of exciting new opportunities for our customers and the Brewery. 

"Today, Harvey's Brewery has an international reputation, particularly within Northern Europe. Our famous Best Bitter has been available in Copenhagen for many years and our prize Stout was originally adopted from a Latvian Brewery. This region’s own beers typically developed the Czech styles of Pilsen to the south (from which ‘Pilsner’ or ‘Pils’ derives).

Harvey's pays tribute to this famous continental beer and has sourced hops from the region which impart a unique continental bitterness evocative of crisp Baltic shores." - Hamish Elder, Chairman and Joint Managing Director  

Central to the inception of Harvey's Pilsner was the desire to fuse the Brewery's use of quality local ingredients, as well as the Lubelski hop and European malt to create a beer which accommodates the tastes of a range of drinkers. 

Harvey's Pilsner is available from 11th March 2022.

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