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Beer Duty Escalator Scrapped

Great news today as the Government has finally scrapped the beer duty escalator and has also cut beer duty by a penny. The industry has been working very hard lobbying against the escalator, introduced by Alistair Darling in 2008.

Here is what our Head Brewer, Miles Jenner, had to say about today’s triumph;

We are delighted. We have struggled for the past few years under the impact of the Beer Duty Escalator. Had it been allowed to continue, Britain would have had the most heavily taxed beer in Europe. As it is, 6,000 pubs have closed and 62,000 jobs have been lost since it was introduced and, as a local brewery, we have contributed to those figures. 

The benefits of beer as a domestic, low strength alcoholic drink have at last been recognised and we can but thank those MP’s who have listened to our pleas. Hopefully, the cut in National Insurance for small businesses will also afford some help to the ailing pub industry.”




One thought on “Beer Duty Escalator Scrapped

  1. excellent!
    but are not a majority of these job losses due to the enterprize,s and punch,s of this world . Making their tenents buy their beers at over inflated prices above the prices they could get their beers direct.I think these where set up due to monopolys . commission. Then not being able to make a living to run the pub ! so many closures. no village pubs ,misserable land lordsetc.
    I do appologize for spelling and grammer !
    I do love a nice drop of BEST!

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