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Bob Copper Centenary Brew

Tomorrow (6th January 2015) is the Centenary of the birth of Bob Copper (1915-2004).

In his lifetime Bob Copper was responsible for collecting and recording many local folk songs, not only preserving the tunes and lyrics but ensuring that the style in which they were sung remained true to his forefathers. In an obituary in The Independent newspaper, he was described as “England’s most important traditional folk-singer.”

Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes will be brewing a ‘Copper Ale’ (5.7% vol.) tomorrow, Tuesday 6th January, at 8.30 am. It will be brewed in the presence of the Copper family, who will sing ‘Oh Good Ale’  while the malted barley is mashed with the spring water. Sussex hops will be added to the resultant sugars and the mixture will be boiled in the ‘Copper’ prior to cooling and fermentation.

It is of good ale to you I’ll sing
And to good ale I’ll always cling,
I like my mug filled to the brim
And I’ll drink all you’d like to bring,
O, good ale, thou art my darling,
Thou art my joy both night and morning.

The beer will be available for the (sold out) Bob Copper Centenary Event in London this month.

9 thoughts on “Bob Copper Centenary Brew

  1. Great to see the much missed Bob Copper commemorated in this way, but … he died in 2004, not 1982.

    1. Hi Ed, thank you for pointing this out. Kind regards, Marie Welsh

  2. Wonderful man that I had the pleasure of meeting a number of times at his family’s club in Peacehaven. The Copper family’s love of and dedication to local folk music is fantastic. Great to see this name being remembered in this way.

  3. This has made me very happy

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  5. A great tribute to a great man from a great brewery in a great town. Have had the pleasure of visiting twice recently from down here in Oz. Will there be bottled product available for us off-shore fans to collect when next visiting?

  6. […] anniversary was marked with an article in the Daily Telegraph, while the Sussex brewers Harveys began brewing ‘Copper Ale’ in his honour. And later this month, there’s a day-long celebration of Bob’s life at […]

  7. In recent years I was introduced to many songs from the Copper family collection and learned a number of them, which are sung with friends involved in the steam scene in Hadlow Down. Songs that pull a tear and some that make me laugh. Well done Harveys for commemorating this important family name. I hope it goes on sale in the New Inn, Hadlow Down, my local.

  8. […] back, when I saw that the Coppers had sung it when Harveys Brewery in Lewes started brewing their Copper Ale. Although I hadn’t sung it in years, I found that I remembered most of the verses, and a […]

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