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Cellar Course and Exam


If you have recently attended our Cellar Course, please login to the exam below.


Cellar Course

The Harvey’s Brewery motto is that ‘we are only as good as our last pint’  therefore we have to make sure our last pint, whoever drinks it, is in tip top condition.

We provide a Cellar Course in our Training Room, so anyone can be equipped with the correct information on how to look after Cask beer (especially ours!) properly.

The course is conducted by our Cellar Services team. The aim of the course is to illustrate to any Tenants, Licensees, Bar Managers and beer enthusiasts how Cask-Conditioned Ale should be cared for and maintained in the cellar environment. All areas are covered including beer line cleaning, beer dispensing, common problems, tapping and spiling, glass washing and more and a Brewery Tour is available at the end of the day.

We start at 8.45am and run to 4.30pm. After your course, you will be asked to complete an Online Exam so we can send you a certificate.

For more information, please view our video below. If you would like to take part in one of our Cellar Courses please contact us or call 01273 480 209.

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