The family brewery Dinkelacker stands for wonderfully fresh beers full of tradition and brewed with passion that can be tasted in every sip.

With strict adherence to the Reinheitsgebot, or German Purity Law established in 1516, the beers undergo a slow maturation period, allowing a gentle carbonation for a smooth, refreshing finish. Dinkelacker have retained the brands of local Stuttgart brewers Schwaben Brau, Sanwald and Wulle to offer a wonderful range of quality German beers that are new to the market in the South East, totally exclusive to Harvey’s.

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CD PILS Dinkelacker 4.9% ABV

The brewery founder Carl Dinkelacker would be proud of this pleasantly bitter Pilsner, which continues to bear his initials in his honour. The brewers’ recipe for success: a great deal of passion and the best regional ingredients. The beer’s crisp, zesty, fresh scent and its floral hop bitterness are provided by the finest Tettnanger hops. The selected malts and fresh brewing water give Dinkelacker CD Pils its unique characteristics


DAS LANDBIER Schwaben Brau 4.2% ABV

Schwaben Brau has produced a perfectly balanced 4.2 % traditional style session-lager, with a full and rich flavour.
It shows a shiny intense golden-yellow colour, with a light and fine head. The crisp clean malt flavours and light hop palate gives the beer a smooth and gentle finish. A beer for every occasion.


DAS SCHWARZE Schwaben Brau 4.9% ABV

“Das Schwarze” is a jet-black full-bodied lager style beer that involves a complex brewing process and has an aromatic and delicious flavour. Das Schwarze is the black beer speciality for connoisseurs and lovers of unique and different beers. This showcases hints of dark chocolate and coffee, with subtle notes of dried fruits, whilst at the same time being very light on the palate and refreshing like a Pilsner. A truly unique product that we’ve not seen anywhere else.



The wheat beers from Sanwald are known for their particularly fresh and tangy taste. The brand represents summer, recreation, good company and enjoyment. Sanwald Hefe Weizen is an unfiltered and natural top-fermenting wheat beer with an inimitable fresh and aromatic taste. A yeast-clouded wheat beer experience.