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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to work at Harvey’s Brewery…

Please keep an eye on local job boards and our brewery shop window for vacancies.

Are Harvey’s beers suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans?

No. Harvey’s beers are filtered through a process which involves the use of Isinglass finings – a derivative of fish and are therefore not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Can I find Harvey’s beers outside of the UK?

We would be surprised if you could, although our bottled beers have been known to travel as far as the North Pole!

Unfortunately, we do not dispatch or have stockists outside of the UK at this time. Our beers are most likely to be only found in and around the South East of England. For more information check our Pub Finder page or our Twitter channel.

How do I book a Harvey’s Brewery Tour?

Brewery Tours are available to book online. BOOK NOW

I have a question about an order I have placed in the online shop…

Please email or call 01273 480 217.

My business is interested in stocking Harvey’s…

Please visit our Trade Enquiries section and contact your relevant Area Sales Manager or Sales Manager.

I am interested in running a Harvey’s Pub…

Please visit our Run Your Own Pub section and complete our enquiry form.

I would like to go on a Harvey’s Cellar Course…

Please email or call 01273 480 209.

I have a comment/complaint about a Harvey’s pub…

For comments or complaints regarding Harvey's Tied Houses please contact us straight away as we take all customer queries very seriously.

I have a comment/complaint about a Harvey’s beer…

We strive to maintain that we are only as good as our last pint. If you have any comments or queries regarding our beer that you’ve consumed please contact us and we will always do what we can to resolve any issues.

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