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Harveys acquires Lincolns in Lewes

Lincolns Bar

It may have been the worst kept secret in Lewes, but Harveys is pleased to announce that we have acquired Lincolns Bar, at the top of the High Street, next door to Lewes Crown Court.

We are very excited to be taking over this public house and refurbishment is already underway. We hope to have the front bar open in 3-4 weeks, however it may be a while longer until the whole establishment is up and running.

For any further information please contact the brewery.



14 thoughts on “Harveys acquires Lincolns in Lewes

  1. What are you planning to do with the bar?



    1. Overall it’s still early days as our team were only able to get in on Monday, any further news and details will be announced once they are confirmed by Management. Kind Regards, Zoe Prescott.

  2. Nice one .

    How about using a local contract furniture company for your refurb ?

    1. Hi Peter, the furniture we acquire is sourced from many places including Gorringes Auction House in Lewes and second hand dealerships. For further info on our suppliers or if you have services you can offer please contact Geoffrey Denne, our Tied Estate Manager or email us via the ‘contact us’ button and I can forward on any requests. Kind Regards, Zoe Prescott.

  3. This is great news. Look forward to it becoming a proper pub. Will you be changing the name?

    1. Hi Martin, yes the name is going to be changed, however the new name has not been disclosed yet. Thanks, Zoe Prescott.

  4. Not being facetious here but knowing J.D. Wetherspoons are dying to get a bar in Lewes did Harvey’s purchase this site to prevent this happening?

    1. Hi Geoff, I have had no reports that confirm this. Thanks, Zoe Prescott.

  5. Go on then Whats the new name?

    1. The new name is ‘The Rights of Man’, planning to open this Friday (7th December) from 3pm. Further details to uploaded shortly. Thanks, Zoe Prescott.

      1. Hi James, Great to hear you like the look so far! Yes the new name is ‘The Rights of Man’, planning to open this Friday (7th December) from 3pm. Further details to uploaded on the website shortly. Thanks, Zoe Prescott.

  6. Hi Zoe

    Any updates? It says above your original plan was 3-4 weeks (back in October). Is the opening imminent? I had a sneaky peek at the front door this morning and it already looks like we may have a fantastic new pub in the town!


  7. Went in The Rights of Man today (12/12/12). Very nice pub indeed.

  8. Good jb – well done!

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