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Harvey’s Makes Keg Comeback

Harvey’s is to re-introduce keg beer after a gap of more than 15 years. Keg beers rose to prominence in the 1960s and Harvey’s made the most of the trend with their Sussex Keg Bitter, which remained popular for many years. It stopped making keg beer in 2000, deciding not to replace kegging equipment which was damaged when the brewery flooded.

Although keg beer divides the opinions of beer-lovers, the dispense method has very much re-invented itself for the 21st Century. Successful craft brewers such as BrewDog and Beavertown use keg almost exclusively for their draught beers.

“We wanted to make a range of new brews that people wouldn’t necessarily expect to see from Harvey’s but that still maintained our reputation for producing quality beers,” says spokesman Bob Trimm.

The newest additions to the Harvey’s range – Gold Bier (4%) and Malt Brown (4.8%) – should please both fans of golden beers and those who prefer a darker, malty brews. A third beer, Black Stout (4.8%), will join the keg line-up in the near future.

“As a company with a 226-year history we’ve always kept evolving, while ensuring we maintained our integrity and passion for producing world-beating beers,” adds Bob.

“I like to think that John Harvey, our founder, would be pleased that after all this time we’re still doing that.”

The new beers are part of the Harvey’s re-brand launched at the Great British Beer Festival in August and the brewery has once again teamed up with a local artist, this time Eastbourne-based Susan Lynch, to create bespoke label designs for them.

Her dramatic abstract work will feature on keg lenses (the keg equivalent of a pumpclip) and beer cans – once they are released later this year.

Bob explains, “We loved the fluidity and vibrancy of Susan’s work and felt her passion for creating original art matched our own passion for creating original beers.”

Gold Bier is soft and malty with gentle bitterness from traditional, locally grown hops. Malt Brown is a bigger, sweeter beer made with some roasted malt and dark sugars making it rich and biscuity, with a lush fullness and a pleasing bittersweet finish.

Bob added, “Hopefully the flavours in our new brews will also satisfy the passions of beer lovers.”

  • Pubs wishing to stock Harvey’s Brewery new keg beers can email: or call 01273 480 209.


For further details, comment or image requests please contact:

Harvey’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Bob Trimm on 01273 480209 or mobile 07713 270547; email


5 thoughts on “Harvey’s Makes Keg Comeback

  1. Craft and real ale attract different tastes,it makes the Landlord’s job easier to go keg but I doubt Harveys can come up with the same innovative brews as the new kids on the block,concentrate on your strength in cask ale and bottled beer such as the Prince of Denmark, welcoming pub,reasonable prices,don’t let the accountants take over!

  2. A great shame Harvey’s are going back into keg. Having drunk your real ales for years most recently this week at the Eastbourne Beer Festival and admired their superb quality i am very disappointed your are going to sell beer using the vastly inferior keg system – a dead beer.

  3. I’ve loved the real ales for many years and I must say I’m really enjoying the new keg beers too, after picking up a few from the shop on Saturday. Adds another string to the bow as far as I’m concerned. Love the can designs too

  4. We tried some of the cans at the show last week and wnt to stock some of them We are an enterprise pub in Chislehurst. Please could someone call me on 07900622304 with prices etc

    1. Hi Tina, that’s great to hear. We’ll arrange for your local rep to contact you ASAP.

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