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Harveys new Blonde Beer Sussex Wild Hop

Sussex WIld Hop Poster

Launching at the Lewes Beer Festival on Friday 21st June Harveys Sussex Wild Hop is a new Blonde Beer, a welcome addition to our diverse range of cask ales.

Brewed with the aptly named ‘Sussex Hop’ – originally discovered growing wild in a hedgerow in Sussex but now cultivated as a variety in it own right. It is supplemented with Cascade hops grown in the UK.

The Sussex hop was Third place in the Hedgerow category in the Institute of Brewing and Distilling annual British Hop Competition. It was selected for its powerful and unusual (tropical fruit) aroma.

Sussex Wild Hop is beautifully balanced but a bit on the wild side –  Sussex born and bred!

Widely available from July 8th 2013.

For a list of the WILD hops used in the brew see HERE

Sussex Wild Hop Poster


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