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Harveys Priory Ale & Battle of Lewes Anniversary Events

We are delighted to announce that our Priory Ale is now on sale!

Harveys Priory Ale BottlesThis tribute to our forebears and ‘brewing brothers’ celebrates the 750th Anniversary of the Battle of Lewes.

The ale is brewed using ingredients that were available to the Cluniac Order at the Priory of St. Pancras in Lewes in 1264, where a brew house was known to exist.

Fermentable sugars are produced from a mash of barley, oats and wheat prior to being boiled with hops and yarrow to impart bitterness. The resultant brew is conditioned in vats with ale cost, also known as tansy, rosemary and thyme.

Priory Ale is available now from our brewery shop and online.

This weekend’s events:

  • Saturday 11.45am: Battle Reenactment featuring Miles Jenner as the King
  • Saturday 1.30pm: FREE Priory Ale Tasting and medieval bread from the Hearth, Brewery Front Yard.
  • Saturday: 11.30 – 2pm: Harveys horses and dray cart, Lewes Town Centre and Brewery Front Yard.
  • Sunday 11am – 3pm: FREE Beer and Cheese Pairing, Harveys Brewery Shop.



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