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Introducing Harveys R!

You will no doubt have seen the videos and heard the discussions regarding the R campaign that has been circulating for the last 3 weeks.

We now have the great pleasure of revealing Harveys R, a new regular brew available to the trade from Monday 7th July. We will be officially launching the brew at our brewery trade open day on Friday 4th July.

Product Details

Harveys R is an extremely refreshing, well balanced beer. Ruby in colour it has a slightly hoppy aroma with pleasant bitterness on the palate, which combined with our own spring water and yeast strain help ensure that the brew has the distinctive Harvey character. The alcohol content is 2.8% by volume.

Harveys R has been created to be a contemporary brand that appeals not only to a younger cask ale demographic, but also to a growing market that are looking for moderation in their drinking.

Research has shown;

      • Moderation represents a 300 million category opportunity over the next 10 years and is growing at 10% year on year.
      • 49% of consumers surveyed are looking to moderate their drinking.
      • Moderation has obvious health benefits.
      • Consumers want a light refreshing option for post activity occasions i.e. after work or after the gym.
      • Moderation is increasingly important during mid-week drinking.

20 to 25 year olds are looking to moderation for the following reasons;

      • They want something refreshing and easy drinking rather than strong.
      • A desire to last the pace; they don’t want to miss out.
      • They feel peer pressure to drink but want lower alcohol options.
      • They want to preserve their reputations socially.
      • Want to look fit and healthy.

Source: Heineken – Seven Macro Trends

15 thoughts on “Introducing Harveys R!

  1. It is not only the younger generation that is looking for moderation; the over 60’s age group should also be looking to reduce their alcohol consumption. It is a proven fact that after the age of sixty the body’s ability to consume alcohol gradually reduces, the increase in type B diabetics and heart disease is a significant factor in this. I personally have just had major heart surgery and know that I have to reduce my alcohol consumption so I am pleased to hear that there will now be a beer from my favorite brewery available all year long Well done Harveys for bring to your consumers Harveys R.

    1. Sorry a senoir moment, that should read type 2 diabetis

  2. There are enough light options on the market- if you are going to invest and brew a new beer – brew a decent one!!!
    PS. With it being low strength people will just drink twice as much as usual……..

    1. Hi Chris,

      I’m sorry you feel this way. We believe there is an appetite for a low ABV draught beer from our brewery. We know Harveys R will not be for everyone, and we have recently produced higher ABV beers such as Priory Ale & St Richard’s. We think our customers should at least have the choice.

      Kind regards,
      Marie Welsh

      1. I am looking forward to it.
        I remember when Harveys brewed Family Ale at 2.2% which was very popular with the ladies and lunchtime drinkers.It was an excellent refreshing beer.
        I am sure that there is a market for low ABV beers which avoid the tax threshold.

        A few years ago a London brewery brewed a 3% beer called Trinity which was very popular as it flavoursome and had a full body taste -it even won “Beer of the Festival” at some CAMRA festivals.

        Lets hope “R” will do the same.

      2. I look forward to giving this a try. The problem with low alcohol real ales is that once tapped they go off very quickly, especially in warm weather. Will landlords order this beer if they find that they have to throw away half the barrel?

  3. Flavoursome and fullbodied taste ,is not usually the case with beers below 4% .Unless Harveys have discovered a secret recipe .I will try it once and if proved wrong I will applaud harveys efforts.

  4. Weltons produce a beer called Pride & Joy which is also 2.8% abv and this tastes flavoursome and full bodied. I haven’t tried the Harveys R yet, but if it as good as the Weltons it should do well.

  5. Great idea. I’m trying to lose weight and lower my blood pressure. A lower alcohol option is one way to still enjoy a pint without the health issues. Most ales are now well over 4% (which was not always the case), it not easy to find one that is 3.6% or below. I’ll certainly give it a try at The Amex Stadium next season. Well done again Harveys!

  6. Price comparison with Best at retail??

  7. I applaud you in your efforts to reduce the alcohol level and will certainly give it a try.
    However, I see no mention of dont drink and drive, some will assume that less alcohol content means more to drink before reaching the limit.
    The only safe limit is no alcohol at all if driving.

  8. Choice is usually a good thing, but if the new R beer is available instead of the monthly specials, which are often not available outside tied houses, then that’s not a good thing. Also, the monthly specials are often ‘sorry it’s all gone and there’s no more to order’, which limits anyone wanting anything over 4.5%.

  9. Are you able to list the pubs which will be stocking it?


  10. Very much looking forward to trying Harveys R, will it be widely available?

  11. People are so naive to think good beer has to be strong beer.
    Harveys has already proved it can brew beers at a low original gravity that have a big taste.
    Bottom line – it’s Harveys. In Miles we trust.

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