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Introducing Sussex Champion

We are pleased the announce the launch of our new ale, Sussex Champion.

Sussex Champion is brewed solely with Andrew Hoad’s ‘Sussex Hop’ from Salehurst in Sussex. This growth was Overall Champion at the IBD Hop Awards 2015 and the beer is a tribute to the skill of our local growers.

The brewery is proud to use hops grown in its trading area, continuing an age-old system of local sustainability for the benefit of all.

This is an all malt single hop brew, using freshly harvested Sussex Fuggles together with our own spring water to give a ‘Taste of the South Downs’.  The ABV is 5%.

Look out for it in outlets near you throughout June!

One thought on “Introducing Sussex Champion

  1. This is a very impressive beer. The Hoad’s ‘Sussex Hop’ gives it a modern note, backed with the unmistakeable weight and finish of a Harveys ale. If it is the same Hop as in Wild Hop, I think this is a more complex, interesting and well rounded result. The marketing piece above talks about Sussex Fuggles, so I wasn’t sure if that was correct, but maybe Andrew Hoad’s hop is also a Fuggle.
    Anyway a cracking pint that I look forward to trying again soon.

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