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Miles Jenner in Tony Robinson’s ‘Walking Through History’

Mies Jenner and Tony RobinsonTony Robinson takes a 45 mile hike through the Kent Weald and Sussex Downs to discover the rich Tudor Heritage of the area.

On his travels he stops at Harveys pub, the Blackboys Inn, to chat to our Head Brewer Miles Jenner about beer in Tudor times and the difference between beer and ale. His walk finishes at Lewes Priory.

Watch it here on 4oD, catch Miles at about 32minutes in.

Aired on Saturday 13th April at 8.30pm.

2 thoughts on “Miles Jenner in Tony Robinson’s ‘Walking Through History’

  1. Toughly entertaining program with Miles Jenner on top form

  2. Interested to see this episode the day after I have been asked to create a location-based game at Lewes Priory – and possibly on beer making!

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