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Min and Cherrys Blog – Whispering Tree Chardonnay & Merlot

Whispering Tree wines from the West Coast of the USA are new to the Brewery shop.

Whispering Tree ChardonnayMinnie tries Whispering Tree Chardonnay

The chardonnay grape variety has the ability to express its terroir more than any other variety. Washington State, with its unique soil and windswept climate, makes for a very distinctive wine with good quality steely fresh flavours.

Vinified at a low temperature, the second fermentation takes place using the traditional method. Maturation takes place in a combination of metal tanks and American oak. Different in style to classic New World Chardonnay, I found it easy, fresh, and fruity with good balance. Good aromas of pear and apricot. On the palate there are hints of pear and apricot again, with a delicate touch of oak. Right at the end there is a creaminess that I can only describe as cream soda.

Great on its own or with food – so do give it a try…


Whispering Tree Merlot

Cherry tries Whispering Tree Merlot

With perfect growing conditions for vitis vinifera, Washington State is fast-becoming a quality wine region with a diverse range of styles. This merlot is a lovely light ruby colour with a nose of wet blackberries just after the rain. A hint of smoke leads you to believe that this will be an interesting journey…

Fine-grained tannins provide structure and integrity with just the right amount of mouthfeel. Silky, smooth and sincere, this is a respectable wine with a cheeky smile. Full blueberries and cassis burst with flavour.

Definitely a vineyard and wine region to watch.

Available from Harveys Brewery Shop & Online. Read more of Minnie and Cherrys’ blogs HERE.


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