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Minnie & Cherry on Recioto & Moscato d’Asti

DESTINATION: Vento in Northern Italy, not too far from Lake Garda.  Beautiful scenery, lakes, mountains, clear air and warm sun; key ingredients for great wine making,


The history of this wine dates back to Roman times; Romans loved rich sweet reds, but they needed the grapes to have a very high sugar content – easy enough in southern Italy but the climate in the north wasn’t suitable.  They devised a method of drying the grapes on straw to concentrate the flavour, from Harvest to the end of January –  Then the magic began, turning the partially dried grapes into a rich sumptuous red sweet wine. These methods are still being used today, some producers may use racks to sun dry instead of straw.

Well that enough of the history,  Lets taste…..

Wow. Rich dark ruby red-  the wine looks like liquid velvet,  tawny around the rim thanks to good ageing.

The nose: Very clean and fresh,  developing amazing aromas of rich fruit- even port like.

On the palate: Plummy and black cherries with a delicate touch of sweetness. Very soft delicate tannins. A truly wonderful wine with a gentle soft finish and good length.

This makes me think of good things, rich dark chocolate, flickering log fires, a great finish to a lovely meal with good company.

Try drinking with a dark chocolate souffle!

I highly recommend this sweet Italian Red.

NB – For those not keen on sweet wines, I’d recommend the Valpolicella Ripasso as an alternative. Delicious intense flavours.

Cherry recommends: MOSCATO D’ASTI 2006  – PIO CESARE

Moscato d’Asti fills the glass with a golden straw colour with delicate little bubbles dancing an effervescent jig. Floral, honey aromas conjure images of a wild flower meadow with busy bees collecting pollen at the height of summer. This sweet wine tastes of all these imaginings, baked apples and ripe melons, finishing with a lovely sticky sweetness.

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