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Introducing: Waterloo Rye IPA

100 Firkins have been produced to mark the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. The 6.1% ABV real ale will be available to publicans from 8th June 2015.

Key ingredients used in the brewing process of this beer have been carefully selected to mark the Anniversary.

The IPA style is a nod to the Duke of Wellington, who first made a name for himself at the Battle of Assaye, India in 1803. By this time beer, which would become known as IPA, was already being delivered to the country.

We’ve added Rye malt, as this crop was found across the battlefield. In fact, the head high crop slowed the first French infantry advance, giving the allied gunners more time to batter the French columns.

The malt has come from Belgium to recognise the country where the battle took place.

A Grande Batterie of French hops provides bitterness, while aroma is supplied by a combination of British and German hops added to the cask.

As Napoleon concentrated 80 guns in his battery during the battle we’ve decided to brew a beer with 80 International Bittering Units. 100 Firkins have been chosen to mark the ‘Hundred Days of Napoleon’, which included the Battle of Waterloo.

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