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Potty about Pinot

After our wet and windy summer my thoughts turn to Autumn when I like to move from fresh, aromatic whites to soft gentle reds.

At Harveys we are going a bit Pinot potty and it’s the subject of our next wine club supper at the John Harvey Tavern on Friday 9th November when there’ll be plenty of different pinot wines to try.

Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris…..All show a great variety of flavours depending on the terroir….(expression of place).

Minnie:  I’m going to tempt your tastebuds with the most famous – pinot noir.  At its best this is velvety, sumptious and expressive, making some of the finest wines in the world.

I have been lucky enough to try a great classic pinot from Burgundy which had extraordinary depth of flavours –  a real privilege!

But you don’t need deep pockets to enjoy this grape and there are some excellent value pinot noir wines to suit every budget such as Vistamar Pinot Noir Sepia from Chile (14% abv).

A vibrant looking red; on the nose, typical pinot noir aromas of summer red berries which come through on the taste – with a juicy, slightly toasty finish.  You get a little heat from the high alcohol content but this is a really good wine to remind you of the aromas of summer as we move into Autumn.

Try with grilled fish, cold meats and pickles.

Clos Mont Blanc Pinot Noir 2009
Cherry:  This Spanish pinot noir packs a punch – a fruit punch. A beautiful ruby red in colour, (a perfect nail varnish shade!) this wine is light, yet full of summery red fruits with a hint of white pepper. Think macerated strawberries. It dances on the palate with refreshing berry fruitiness and a slight tang.
The bottle is tall, sleek and slender and there’s a bottle number on each wine which shows integrity and attention to detail in every glass.

Do let us know on the blog if you have tried any really great – or not so great wine …. !. Look forward to hearing from you!




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