Maintenance, Quality and Care provided by our Cellar Services Team.

Cellar Services Team

Harvey’s Cellar Services Team maintain all the cellars of our Tied Estate Houses and many of the Free Trade Houses we supply to.

The team cover a multitude of areas and will see to any maintenance, care and quality issues as soon as they can.

We believe in maintaining the highest quality and care standards in our cellars, which is why we run a Cellar Course in our Training Room for licensees and enthusiasts alike to learn or refresh their skills in how to look after our beer and the home it’s kept in.

Quality and Care Guide

A quick guide to Cask Ale best practice, provided by our Cellar Services Team:

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If you are still experiencing problems after trying the solutions provided in this guide and would like to book an appointment for a visit from one of our team, please call us on 01273 480 209.