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Some like to go with the flow, follow the herd, bend in the wind. Not Harvey’s.

We’ve never taken the easy option at Harvey’s, and we’re proud of that fact, and proud of others who choose to do the same.

We think it’s time to reward our fellow independent thinkers and we’ve got a host of amazing Sussex prizes prepared for you to win.

To be in with a chance of winning simply show us how you’ve done a #wewuntbedruv good deed this week!

We Wunt Be Druv

We’ve been fiercely independent for two centuries and that’s the spirit that drives us to this day. We do things our way and we brew things our way. We never compromise, on our principles or on quality. After all, any brewer is only as good as their last pint. We’ve seen revolutions come and go in our 232 years, but here we are, still brewing brilliant beer, still following our own rules, still standing up for what we believe in.

And we’re not going anywhere soon – the idea of selling out leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. All of which makes Harvey’s the beer for fellow free thinkers; people comfortable in their own skin and happy to go their own way at the bar or anywhere else. No wonder we’re the best of Sussex, and no wonder the county motto fits us so comfortably.

Harvey’s. We Wunt Be Druv.

How to Enter

Snap a pic, tell us what you’ve done, hashtag #wewuntbedruv, and tag/nominate 3 friends to do a #wewuntbedruv act to enter.

On the 15th of each month, we’ll select a winner to get a special prize, and runners up for some Harvey’s goodies.

The sort of thing we consider a #wewuntbedruv good deed

  • Getting the neighbours bins in
  • Buying a pint (of Harvey’s of course) for someone
  • Handing over your all day parking ticket to a stranger when you leave a car park
  • Designated driver (you #willbedruv in this case!)
  • Letting the other half have a little lie in on the weekend
  • Telling/showing customer facing staff what an awesome job they’re doing
  • Popping down the shop because your housemate is really REALLY hungover and is in need of a can of fat coke.
  • Sharing the Cadbury’s Fingers – it’s hard, we know

You can go way bigger or smaller, putting a smile on someone’s face to show them #wewuntbedruv is the aim of the game!

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