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World Beer Awards 2014

We are delighted to announce that our Imperial Extra Double Stout has won “World’s Best Imperial Stout”, and Tom Paine “Europe’s Best Bitter over 5% abv” at the World Beer Awards 2014. Imperial Extra Double Stout has now received an amazing 15 major awards in the past 15 years!

View their tasting notes for the beers below;

imperialrussianstoutImperial Extra Double Stout

“Great oliy texture, a real hint of whisky? Barrel aged tasting. Quite a high sugar content cutting through the treacle candy notes. Beautiful but not a slow reeal, more like a bold slap around the taste buds.”

“Murky, dark note, dense. Dark and oily, vegetal, very complex. Light musty note, long finish, still charred and vanilla-ish. ”

“Refreshing acidities (lactic and acetic). Fascinating example of an Imperial Russian Stout.”

TomPaine1-232x300Tom Paine

“Orangey gold, almost in head, raisins/ dried fruit aroma. Tangy and bitter – gives way to malty aftertaste.”

“Good copper colour, burnt sugars and rounded flavours.”

“Interesting. Difficult to dislike. ”


To try these award winning beers, visit our brewery shop in Lewes or sample both in our online Premium Ale Case.

2 thoughts on “World Beer Awards 2014

  1. It is no surprise to hear that Tom Paine has won such an accolade.Its always been a great beer but this year it was superlative -the best ever.
    I went to Lewes on the last Saturday of July and checked every pub and hotel bar that I know sells Harveys and couldnt find any-all sold out!
    The Southdowns Harvest has been excellent this year as well and also deserves an award.
    Well done Harveys its nice to see that your great beers are receiving International acclaim.

    Loz Aslett

  2. […] 2015. This is the beer’s 16th major award in 16 years, including accolades such as ‘World’s Best Imperial Stout 2014‘ and ‘Best Stout/Porter […]

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