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Harvey's wins two golds at the BBI Drinks Competition 2019

Harvey’s are excited to reveal that they have been presented with a total of nine awards at this year’s British Bottler’s Institute (BBI) Competition 2019.  

The BBI Drinks Competition takes place every year in July and is the awarding body for two different categories; Ales, Lagers & Ciders and Water, Soft Drinks & Juices.

Harvey’s greatest achievements at the awards were for Lewes Castle Brown and Low Alcohol Best Bitter, both of which received gold medals. Lewes Castle appeared in the Stout, Porter or Dark Ale ABV 5.4% category, whilst Low Alcohol Best Bitter victoried in the Low Strength Ales ABV 0.5% or below category.

Harvey’s were awarded two golds, three silvers and four diplomas (bronze equivalent) in total for their brews. A fantastic achievement! 

See below for the list of all the winning beers and categories:

Name Category Award
Lewes Castle Brown Stout, Porter or Dark Ale abv 5.4% Gold
Low Alcohol Best Bitter Low Strength Ales abv 0.5% or below Gold
Ole Ale Ales, abv 1.5% - 3.9% Silver
1859 Porter Stout, Porter or Dark Ale, abv 4.0% - 5.4% Silver
Black Stout Stout, Porter or Dark Ale, abv 4.0% - 5.4% Silver
Tom Paine Ales, abv 5.0% - 5.9% Diploma
Star of Eastbourne Ales, abv 6.0% - 7.4% Diploma
Imperial Extra Double Stout Stout, Porter or Dark Ale, abv 7.5% or above Diploma
Low Alcohol Old Ale Low Strength Ales, abv 0.5% or below Diploma


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Covid-19 Notice

As a result of the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic we have taken the difficult decision to scale back our operations at Harvey's.

We are brewing, of necessity, to reproduce and preserve our unique yeast strain - so the familiar smell of hops and malt may still drift across the town on occasions. Hopefully we will be able to store and, eventually, bottle the resultant brews.

The Brewery Shop is closed until further notice. Our online shop may have a limited selection of stock added when available, please check back for updates.

If you have any questions about orders please email, and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

Some Harvey's pubs are still operating as community hubs, and we recommend that you contact any individual pubs directly to see if they are continuing their initiatives.

Please keep safe, and continue to do your part by following Government guidelines.

Our sincerest thanks to all of you once again for your support.

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