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Southdown Harvest 2020 Brew

Today we are brewing 'South Down Harvest'. Maris Otter barley, grown in West Sussex was floor malted for us at Warminster, Britain's oldest working maltings.

The hops for this brew were grown in East Sussex and comprised two different varieties : the 'Sussex Hop' from Robertsbridge and 'Pilgrim' from Wadhurst.  We mashed with fresh spring water from the South Downs and the resultant worts were cast onto a deep bed of freshly kilned hops from this year's crop.

South Down Harvest 2020 (5.0% abv) will be available in bottle before the end of October.

Picture: Maris Otter malting barley is harvested against a backdrop of the Sussex coastline stretching from Brighton to Bognor.

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