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Astounding achievements for Harvey’s at the IBC and BBI competitions 2018

Harvey’s are excited to reveal that they have been presented with 23 awards at this year’s IBC 2018 (International Beer Challenge) and BBI Competition 2018 (British Bottler’s Institute) combined.

The IBC aim to reward and promote excellent beers from around the globe providing brewers with a platform to express their beers. For this competition Harvey’s have achieved 15 awards; five Golds, three Silvers and seven Bronzes. The Golds were awarded for Old AleImperial Double Extra Stout and Star of Eastbourne.

As well as receiving awards for their brews Harvey’s have also been recognized with Gold awards in categories for design, with the ‘Tin Lizzie’ can illustration receiving a Gold for ‘Individual Bottle/Can Design Award” and the new craft can range including; Black StoutGold Bier and Malt Brown, receiving a Gold for the ‘Set of Bottles/Cans Design Award’. Harvey’s have been the most awarded UK Brewer this year.

At the BBI drinks competition, which consists of numerous categories for Ales, Lagers & Ciders and Waters, Soft Drinks & Juices, Harvey’s have been awarded eight awards for their beers. Tin Lizzie recognized again with a Gold in the Ales, abv 7.5% and above category, and Lewes Castle Brown Ale, awarded Gold in the Stout/Porter/Dark Ale, abv 4.0% – 5.4% category.

See below for the list of all the winning beers and categories:

International Beer Challenge 2018:

Individual Bottle/Can Design Award: Tin Lizzie Can Gold
Set of Bottles/Cans Design Award: Craft Can Range Gold
Beer Blind Tasting Awards :  
Old Ale Gold
Imperial Extra Double Stout Gold
Star of Eastbourne Gold
Prince of Denmark Silver
Low Alcohol Old Ale Silver
Sussex Best Silver
Malt Brown Bronze
Lewes Castle Brown Bronze
1859 Porter Bronze
Gold Bier Bronze
Wharf IPA Bronze
Christmas Ale Bronze
Tin Lizzie Bronze

British Bottler’s Institute 2018 Awards:

Name Category Award
Tin Lizzie Ales, abv 7.5% and above Gold Medal
Lewes Castle Brown Ale Stout/Porter/Dark Ale, abv 4.0% – 5.4% Gold Medal
Old Ale Ales, abv 1.5% – 3.9% Silver Medal
Sussex Nuptial Ale Ales, abv 6.0% – 7.4% Silver Medal
Christmas Ale Ales, abv 7.5% and above Silver Medal
Wharf IPA IPA, abv 4.0% – 5.4% Silver Medal
Armada Ale Ales, abv 4.5% – 4.9% Diploma
1859 Porter Stout/Porter/Dark Ale, abv 4.0% – 5.4% Diploma

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